1. Are you licensed with the City of Calgary and Alberta Health Services?
  • YES!

2. Do you bake from scratch?
  • YES!  It is very important to me to bake COMPLETELY from scratch.  I buy all of my ingredients from local grocery stores, and am proud to use BUTTER in all of my baked goods.

3. Is everything baked fresh?
  • Everything is baked to order. I do not bake ahead and freeze ANYTHING.

4. How come your custom cake prices are not listed on your menu?
  • I offer a variety of cake and buttercream flavors and sizes so it's best we work together to come up with your ideal custom cake.  Please know that the price of custom cakes cannot be compared to grocery store cakes.  My cakes are baked 100% from scratch, using quality ingredients, and a lot of time and effort goes into creating your cake.  I love working with you every step of the way. =)

5. Can you copy a cake from a picture I send you?
  • No.  Cake artists love to have creative freedom, and come up with their own designs.  You are welcome to send me pictures of cakes that you like, and I will design a cake using ideas from the pictures you have sent me.  I will not replicate cakes from other cake artists.

6. What does a custom cake come with?
  • Your cake will come on a covered cake drum with a ribbon that compliments the theme of the cake, unless otherwise requested.

7. Can your cakes withstand hot temperatures?
  • Because I use real butter in my buttercream, it is not recommended to have your cakes outside on a hot day for any length of time.

8. Do you deliver?
  • I can deliver and set up for a small fee.  If you have a two or more tiered cake, I recommend that you get delivery to ensure that your cake is set up properly.

9. How far in advance should I book my order?
  • Custom cakes should be ordered 4-6 weeks in advance.  Cookies, squares, and cupcakes can be booked a few weeks ahead of time.

10. Do you require a deposit?
  • Yes, I require a 50% deposit upon booking to hold your spot.

11. Can your baked goods be frozen?
  • I am happy to say that any leftovers freeze well.  I recommend placing the baked goods in an air tight container and freeze for up to three months.