Custom Cakes

A custom cake gets people talking, and makes your event extra special.  I am able to accomodate cakes 4-10" in round or square. All cakes are 3 layers of cake, with 2 layers of buttercream.  Your cake will come with a decorated cake board, and ribbon that compliments the theme of the cake.I am able to offer some 3D options as well.  Choose a cake and buttercream flavor listed below, and we will work together on your dream cake!  Please refer to the cake serving chart for the approximate size you will need.  

Cake Flavors 

chocolate I red velvet I vanilla I chocolate chip I marble I rootbeer I brown sugar

American Buttercream Flavors

best ever vanilla I chocolate I cream cheese I raspberry I strawberry I chocolate peanut butter I peanut butter I ​light mint I rootbeer I mascarpone I cookies & cream I white chocolate I baileys I edible cookie dough (YES!!) I green tea

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Flavors (SMB)

​vanilla I chocolate I strawberry I raspberry I salted caramel I champagne 

Special Occasion Cakes

Cakes are 3 layers of cake, separated by 2 layers of delicious buttercream.

chocolate salted caramel I delicious chocolate cake, separated with layers of melt in your mouth salted caramel SMB, topped with to.die.for salted caramel drip!
rootbeer float I brown sugar cake flavored with A&W rootbeer, frosted with vanilla rootbeer buttercream, and topped with marachino cherries.
neopolitan drip I two layers of chocolate cake, one layer of white chocolate cake, filled with strawberry SMB, frosted smooth with vanilla SMB, drizzled with chocolate glaze, and topped with chocolate dipped strawberries - truly decadent!